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Electrical emergencies have a tendency to arise at the worst times. Now, that’s not to suggest that there is ever a good time for electrical emergencies, but rather to call attention to the fact that there are two types of electricians in the area: those that are only available for eight hours a day and those who make sure they are on-call to assist homes and businesses in the area whenever they need it.

When you require the professional assistance of a licensed and insured electrician, all you have to do is call Power One Electric, Corp and we’ll send a member of our team over as soon as possible. Since we started, Power One Electric, Corp’s number one goal has always been to provide superior customer service to commercial and residential clients. And as far as we are concerned, we can’t realize the full potential of our customer service if we aren’t there to serve our customers when they need us most. That is exactly why we are proud to offer reliable emergency electrical services at all hours of the day.

Choosing Power One Electric, Corp means that you will never be left high and dry. You’ll have access to some of the most reputable electrical professionals in the area, so just give us a call if you need us immediately.

Electrical Emergencies

Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes an electrical emergency. And while you might want to panic when your movie night is ruined by a sudden power outage, the interruption isn’t necessarily an emergency. For the sake of saving you money and our electricians the inconvenience, here is a list of serious electrical emergencies that warrant the attention of trained professionals immediately:

  • Smoke or the smell of burning wires coming from the panel or fuse box
  • Damage to the external power supply to your house or business
  • Inoperative sump pump during the course of flooding
  • Submersion of electric devices or outlets in water
  • Disconnection of power as a result of a power failure
  • Lightning strikes that have caused damage to electrical equipment in your home or business
  • Sparking or arcing of an outlet when something is plugged in
  • Receiving a shock when touching a live wire, handling a cord or using an appliance
  • Circuit breakers that keep tripping
  • Fuses that continually burn out without apparent cause

If any of the situations above apply to your current circumstances, it is extremely important that you give Power One Electric, Corp a call as soon as you can so that we can take a look at the problem and find a solution. The longer you put off calling Power One Electric, Corp, the risk of injury, property damage and other awful consequences rises.

Rather than risk incurring unnecessary expenses, fighting with insurance companies or checking yourself or someone you love into the hospital, give Power One Electric, Corp a call and we’ll be happy to figure out a solution.

24-Hour Electricians That You Can Trust

Nothing is more valuable than electricians that you can rely on to solve your issue promptly amid an emergency. At Power One Electric, Corp, we are always on call and ready to respond quickly. We are proud to have a great number of homeowners and local businesses depend on us for quick and reliable service, so you can rest assured knowing that we are always a worthwhile call to make. Day or night, we always provide the same superior service that we have built our business on, so you never have to be worried about electrical problems again.

Licensed and Insured

One of the ways we strive to instill confidence in our clients is by being fully licensed electricians who also safeguard their work. Not only do we have the training, experience, and resources to get the job done correctly and up to code, but your property is also completely protected in the unlikely event of any unforeseen electrical issues.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have the utmost confidence in the work we provide. Anytime you reach our company, we work hard to provide you with safe and long-lasting electrical repairs. We hope to bring some much-needed peace of mind to your stressful situation and take pride in being a team of electrical contractors with a commitment to excellence.

Great Rates on Emergency Electrical

Just because you need an electrician fast doesn’t mean you should have to pay excessive fees for the services you require. We are pleased to offer reasonable rates on qualified electrical work at all hours. You can have faith that we will arrive quickly and bring a prompt resolution to your issue, all at a price that makes sense.

Convenient Payment Options

Not only are our prices affordable, but we also make paying for our electrical repairs an easy process. We accept a variety of payments, including major credit cards, checks, and PayPal. This is just one of the many ways we go the extra mile to ensure a top-notch experience for our clients.

A Trusted Resource for Residential Emergencies

Every homeowner should have a trustworthy local electrician. If you are looking for a new go-to source for all of your electrical repairs, we are a great team to keep in mind. You worked hard for your home and having an electrical emergency can be a major interruption to your schedule and even put you at risk. If you are worried about an issue with your electrical system, don’t put it off— contact a team that you know will be able to help.

Commercial Electricians That You Can Rely On

As experienced commercial electrical contractors, we bring valuable expertise to any emergency with your business’ wiring and fixtures. We help you protect your livelihood and keep your operation running smoothly with our prompt and professional work. As a business owner, you always have a lot to think about, but thanks to Power One Electric, Corp, your electrical system doesn’t have to be one of them.

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No matter the time of day, if you need help with your home or business’s electricity, get Power One Electric, Corp on the phone and we’ll be able to provide you with procedural advice until a member of our team is on-site to conduct the necessary repairs or maintenance you need to operate your home or business’s electricity safely.

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